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Generally, traditional women's dresses in Afghanistan are made from light linens and are loose fitting for ease of movement. You are a part of something bigger than yourself”. It has become popular to wear dresses from different ethnic tribes to honour the beauty and craftsmanship behind the dresses.

Add to cart Details. View Cart. Shorter varieties have been worn without trousers, some dresses have been turned into Chapans (coats), longer varieties have been worn with just a scarf and jewelry. One unique style of casual women's dress is the Kandahari doozi embroidery stitching of the city of Kandahar.

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Afghan Traditional Dresses & Clothes for Sale Online Afghan traditional clothes & dresses have a long rich history and are different depending on region of origin.

Afghan Dress Online – Shop for the Best Collection of Afghani Dresses. The traditional male dress includes the Khet partug and Perahan wa tunban.

The Pashtun clothes are differently made for males and females. Today, in the major cities, such as Kabul, more and more young Afghans are wearing western clothes, and reserve their traditional Afghan clothing for special occasions, such as weddings or to celebrate major holidays like Nowroz or Eid. Afghan Tribal Traditional Dress. Afghan clothing is a like a poetic portrayal of the same rich culture that constitutes the very soul of the nation.

Welcome to Sarah's Afghan Clothes where you can find the best quality Afghan clothes for the entire family. Elaborate silhouettes in cotton and wool fabrics adorned with silk embellishments are one end of the spectrum.

Shop Online for the best Afghan Clothes and Dresses. Shop for Afghani Jewelry, Accessories, Kids, Mens and Womens fashion, Be the first to learn about our latest trends and get exclusive offers, Another interesting aspect of the Afghan clothing spectrum is its fusions with western outfits in unique ways, especially for men. Women typically wear solid-coloured trousers, a long kamīs shirt with a belt.

Coins, bells), meanwhile Hazaragi dresses are known for their simple monochromatic embroidery. Women typically wear solid-coloured trousers, a long kamīs shirt with a belt.

However, with the advent of Taliban rule, the styles became more conservative. They come in many colors and have stitching for details. Another interesting aspect of the Afghan clothing spectrum is its fusions with western outfits in unique ways, especially for men.

The variety of native tribes and ethnicities inhabit the of rural settlements, parishes or migrant camps in Afghanistan. Men's clothing includes the khet partug, perahan tunban, the turban and local styles of coats. These dresses are usually worn to special occasions and weddings.

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The variety in dresses has allowed everyone to be able to find something that suits their style.

Likewise, each region in Afghanistan has their own unique Afghan dress.

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This is induced by the existence of a popular secondhand market in Afghanistan, known as Bazaar-e-Lilami. While coordinates in muted colours paired with traditional headgears constitutes the other end of the spectrum. Moreover, silk & real furs have been extensively used for preparing valuable outfits. More elaborate and fancier dresses are detailed with gold threading, gold beads, and come in many different colors on silk fabrics.

Because of the multifaceted and antiquated history of the conventional clothing of Afghanistan, it has experienced numerous stages of evolution. As a chiefly rural and tribal population, the Pashtun dress of Afghanistan typically made from light linens, and are lose fitting for ease of movement.

Barely 5 percent have urban existences.

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There exist various shops specializing in different secondhand goods such as shoes, shirts, sweaters, etc.

Intricate, elaborate & magnificent, the clothing in Afghanistan is a representation of the country’s cultural lushness and diversity. Despite their differences, they all have a two things in common: they are handcrafted with the most intricate designs and embroidery and finest materials. The more intricate the design, the more pricey the garment. We offer worldwide shipping. The Afghan culture is an amalgamation of communities including Tajiks, Pashtun, Hazara, Uzbek and smaller populations of some more cultures. Authentic Afghan dresses are made up vibrant velvets and cottons, colourful silk and cotton threads, intricate beadwork, mirrorwork, embellishments and trims. The usage of these fabrics is also determined by the weather conditions of the country, leading to reclination towards cotton for summers & wool and furs for winters. Afghan traditional clothes are easy to experiment with, diverse pieces.Â. For example, Nuristani dresses are known for their heavy metal embellishments (ex.

More Photos of Traditional Afghan Clothing . Pashtun Leaders sometimes wear a karakul hat, like former President Hamid Karzai and former monarchs of Afghanistan. During these phases of evolution, what has remained constant are the prevailing fabrics for dressmaking, cotton and wool. Since Afghanistan is an ethnically diverse country, dress styles and craftsmanship techniques vary. Whether it is a wedding, concert, a culture day in university or a get-together party to represent Afghan traditional attire. Afghan Dress (click to enlarge, courtesy of Chapan

It sells clothing items donated by western countries that are sold by the Afghan dealers in small shops in a flea market like set-up.

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