diy firework launcher

Keep far enough away from the fireworks that you don't get yourself hurt. My follow up question would be, is it OK to use DC on the output side if the rating only shows AC for the output side (As NoPinky hinted at below)?

Can you quickly look at it and see if you see anything amiss? The speaker wire feeds into the alligator clips where the screw down. Then check out this link so you can really understand what your connections on a breadboard are doing.

Foam BoardThere are 3 layers of foam board that make up the screen.

If we put it all on one larger board it would be a difficult form factor to fit into our control module case. In order to keep good light blocking between segments I ran all wires on the back, poked them through the holes and soldered them onto the pads. Another quick and boring board. This project uses 34 pixels to give a total maximum current draw of 34 * 60 mA = 2,040 mA. In this picture, the igniter is represented by the coil; Fritzing didn't exactly have a firework igniter in their parts library :). The other box houses the relay board, sealed lead acid battery and the "higher" voltage circuitry (12v).

The sketch only required short of 8k so the Mega is "Mega" overkill.

What I didnt have was the dummy led part of the circuit.

Just a case to hold the components and have enough surface area to install all the connectors for the igniters.

330 ohm is too low based on the 1.4v and 20 mA desired by the internal IR LED when paired with the 12v power source. Binding posts for connecting the igniters, Relay board for supplying high current to the igniters, Current limiting resistor to reduce amperage through the igniters.

and they turned out to be the perfect fit for my application.

I used red wire to keep things organized.

The potentiometer is acting as a voltage divider here to give the Arduino a signal between zero volts and 5 volts. Celebrate Independence Day with a “bang!” Visit The Shop to build a do-it-yourself firework launcher.

What resistors you use is entirely dependent on what voltage drop and current you want through your LEDs. The datasheets I found called for a 0.33 micro farad ceramic cap between 9v and GND and a 0.1 micro farad ceramic capacitor between 5v and ground.

I think I'm hooked now, always trying to think of something else to build. Same as the previous 5v supply built, capacitors and all.

About: Petroleum Engineer working in Tulsa, OK.

All this board does is supply some parallel connections to both Vbat and 5v. Each board serves a specific role, and that helps alleviate confusion once you are knee deep in wires, ICs and solder.

Part of my plan with the controller was for it to be self aware of which igniters were connected and which were not. This is recommended in Adafruit's NeoPixel UberGuide. One path goes through a current limiting resistor (560 ohms) and connects to a red LED. Connect all 34 LEDs together in SERIES (LEDs #0 though #33). With all that being said, my optocoupler still report HIGH. Hybrid & Distance Learning Support Program. Install all of the buttons, switches and potentiometers into the panel surface.

The red and black wires running across the board go to a barrel plug that supplies the Arduino 9v into its barrel jack where it is then regulated down to 5v for controlling the processor. Just be sure to connect the cables to the correct keystone port on both boxes. Some fireworks have a plastic base, as is the case for mortars and mines, but all of them have clay at the bottom of the firework tubes.

I labeled my cables and my posts to keep any confusion away. Nonmembers: Included with museum admission. We have all the resources you need to make and enjoy your own fireworks including firework ignitors, detonators, …

Using Adafruit's guidelines we assume a maximum current draw of 20mA per color. Take a look through the Instructable, ask questions if you are curious and I hope you build some version of this for yourself!

That LED wants 1.4v forward voltage and you are putting 12v across it, in otherwords your resistor is not acting as a current limiting resistor. I have attached all of my code and it is heavily commented.

2) I wanted it to be "smart" or "aware" of what connections were present.

There a a dozen or more Instructables on here on how to create your own ignitors for fireworks.

Two layers of this separated by foam board worked perfectly to give a nice smooth display. As you will see later in my code we only use colors green and red and we do not mix them on any given LED at the same time. Find a local firework dealer. Firework Rocket Launcher. Join us! They can deliver up to 2 Amps at 240V AC, so I guess it's no problem for my system with 24V DC. You could easily make the cables another way. I will walk you through it below and via the annotations in the pictures. My overall installation we smoothly even though my wiring looks like a rats nest.

If I were to do this project again I could easily get up to speed on shift registers which would simplify wiring and allow me to use something more practical like an Arduino Uno. I seem to have connected it exactly the same way you did. I would not recommend using this exact design with "instant lighting" type ingniters. Remote Control - This is already a breakout board of its own. But fast-acting ignitors? This parts list is quite extensive. They are awesome.The relay is a mechanical switch driven by a solenoid.

I used crimp on terminal connectors to make this connection easy. The LM7805 can safely dissipate 2W under normal ambient conditions and the calculation is a simple one.

I'm just not in the mood to solder 32 FETs with drivers. Maybe its not a good one for this job?

All were designed in Inkscape and cut on the laser cutter. Due to my own ignorance I tried to set up the LM7805 by just supplying 9 volts in, Ground and taking the 5 volts out directly to my load. Then run this wire to your 3 ohm, 50 Watt resistor. Assembled all together the stack from the back goes: After cutting your LED strips into the appropriate lengths and sticking them to the foam board in the laser etched areas you will need to solder them all together.

Also, once you get the resistor hooked up properly you need one with a higher resistance. I decided to build my own variant that was easy and quick to replace the nichrome when it broke, was inexpensive and easy to replace altogether and plugged in via the banana jacks/binding post solution. ... it is really a soothing DIY : ), try to improve this launcher with your ideas. This is helpful if you are troubleshooting while away from the control box and are out near where you are setting up the show so you don't have to walk the 50' back and forth.

Maybe you can share some information about FETs that you would recommend?

The relay should be completing the circuit on the ground/downstream side of the ignitor. When the signal is HIGH on the LED side it illuminates the LED which shines directly across the IC (hidden in the package) and onto the photosensitive.

GND nodes also should be wired in parallel, for this I used black wire. You have probably blown the IR LED inside the optocoupler.

Install all of the modules/boards onto the legs of the panel and the shelf. Maybe something link the "32 N-channel MOSFET board with screw terminals" board listed about halfway down on this page would do? I guess I have to buy new modules, as I already have 4*8-relay-modules sitting here. Select the proper sized bit for your binding posts and drill all 16 holes. This gives you the ability to plug in and setup quick and change out igniters as desired. All of the inexpensive Chinese firing boxes use relays.... :-). Sorry, we're closed today.

Problem is that the igniters run off a 12v system and the Arduino runs off a 5v system.

You can also include a power switch as I have shown in my Fritzing diagram.

It's simple to make and so easy to program. Retro Analog Audio VU Meter From Scratch! I chose to compete this build as more of a modular setup in which many different protoboards would take the place of one larger development board.

The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum (The Discovery) is in no way affiliated with Discovery Communications, LLC.

Secondly, it would help us to fit everything inside the case. ALL professional boxes uses FET's as the solid state control devices so physical shock cannot set off an e-match (electrical match). Your resistor on the IR LED side isn't doing anything. The nichrome gets red hot, the fuse lights!

Only a few things need to be done to prepare the control box.

But as you said, if you are building nichrome home-made igniters that take a second to ignite, you are probably "safe". Connect the control box with the firing box (ammo can) using three Cat 5 cables. Have you diagnosed with a multimeter yet to see what actual voltages you are getting on the circuit that is connected to your digital input? I succeeded in some step and others I failed. 2 years ago.

The problem I am having is the sensing board portion. The 10k resistor is much higher resistance than the phot-transistor and has essentially created a mini-voltage divider of which 99% of the voltage drop occurs over the resistor leaving near 0v to be read by the Arduino. This would benefit me in two ways. Stay informed about everything happening at The Discovery by subscribing to our bi-weekly e-mail newsletter! RGB LEDs have 3 colors giving a total current draw of 60mA per LED. Two pieces of plexiglass were also cut with the laser cutter. Dump the relays.

I trust your advice.

5 years ago Be sure to check out all the YouTube videos I have posted.

The calculation would say to use a 560 ohm resistor but I would bet you could use a 1kohm to further reduce power consumption.

Arduino IDE *.ino file attached as well as a PDF of the code. I have noticed that the led will light up (dummy) as well if I connect to the positive terminal (its direct to battery so I guess that makes sense :) and in this case the led in the terminal doesnt light up so definitely need to use the negative terminal for continuity testing).

So in our case we have a 9v supply, 5v regulated with a 476 mA draw.

I went with speaker wire to bridge the connection between the binding posts and the ignitor and made them each 10 feet long to give them some distance between fireworks if so desired. Connect each of them. The relay board that we are using required 5v to fire the relays. I taped them together with white electrical tape to keep cable management easier and to make the line more visible so no one trips.

Then I created raster shapes to etch the acrylic with the laser as to where each board went. Any value about 4.7k Ohms or so should work well though.

You are almost all done! I ultimately found a Rakshak case for $29.99 on Amazon that had nearly perfect dimensions based on what I knew at that point in time of my project.

The solution? They add distance to allow the light from the LEDs to spread plus block the light from mixing with other words/segments/nodes.


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