duke lacrosse case facts

Krzyzewski doesn't figure much in the lacrosse scandal, but to understand why so many people at Duke and in the surrounding community of Durham, N.C., were so eager to believe the worst of the lacrosse players, it's essential to grasp that within the small universe of Duke, athletes were pashas.

A responsible, and in many instances appalled — and yes, frightened — citizenry of Duke University is waiting … and certainly more than willing to join considered actions by bold leaders to restore confidence in a great institution and its mission. Well … Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! [37] Nifong ended up winning the election.

Between the "conservatives" who call for more police power and "leftists/liberals" who also call for more police power — at the expense of individual rights — there are few people left to defend what rights remain. Feminists and those who consider themselves to be "civil rights" advocates already have a certain view of the world, one that holds that white males are the source of all oppression, and that all relationships are nothing more than the manifestation of white male power. At an event outside a house rented by several lacrosse team members, organized by a visiting instructor in English Department, protesters held signs reading, "It’s Sunday morning, time to confess." The Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum — who, for the most part, tends to be much more thoughtful than most writers on the national scene — once tried to put the entire lacrosse affair at Duke University into perspective in her April 26 column by labeling it a "scandal in search of meaning." Local activists also have maintained a website which "supports" the "victim" in this case; in other words, the facts be damned. Faculties were instructed to harass lacrosse players (which resulted in one professor making lacrosse students sit apart from all the rest of the class; another abruptly flunking the two lacrosse players in her class; and others interrupting their lectures to deliver diatribes against players). (However, it turned out that the NAACP did not have the legal standing necessary to ask a judge for a gag order.)

With all due respect to those 'INNOCENT' bracelets worn around Durham this year, this isn't "To Kill a Mockingbird II. Duke up, Central down."

William D. Cohan's "The Price of Silence: The Power of the Elite and the Corruption of Our Great Universities" is the definitive account of what happened up to and after Crystal Gail Mangum made her accusation.

[53] Johnson also co-authored a book on the case with journalist Stuart Taylor, entitled Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case.

No comparisons would be being made with the present tragedy; and “lacrosse” would not be linked to every mischance as a logical association. Without the feminist-black alliance driving the politics of this case, there most likely would have been no indictments, as the evidence clearly demonstrates that Crystal Gail Mangum was not raped by the Duke athletes or anyone else. The medical and police records show that the victim had said no condom was used, that police had interviewed three players at length and taken their DNA samples and that the accuser showed no significant bruises or injuries."[14].

In other words, the local activists suddenly decided that a person’s right to mount a vigorous defense should be denied. These demonstrators needed no encouragement: They were already vocal, and had already judged the lacrosse players were guilty. One anxiously awaits the next wave of nonsense from officials from the leftist government schools of Seattle.). "[14] The article went on to say that "he made a series of factual assertions that contradicted his own files: He suggested the players used condoms; he accused the players of erecting a wall of silence to thwart investigators; and he said the woman had been hit, kicked and strangled. In 2007, Nifong's license to practice law was revoked by the North Carolina State Bar Disciplinary Committee. An article in The Economist on September 15, 2007, stated that Brodhead did "little, if anything, to defend the lacrosse players or to criticise the faculty [at Duke] for its lynching mob mentality. "[21], After proclamations by the North Carolina Attorney General, Roy Cooper, that the three students were "innocent" in April, USA Today columnist and incoming Bennett College President, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, commented in an interview on National Public Radio a few days later that they were "hooligans," had lied, and that they "did not deserve an apology.

He said Duke has joined other colleges and universities in the "blind-eying of male athletes, veritably given license to rape, maraud, deploy hate speech, and feel proud of themselves in the bargain."

Reaction of Duke Faculty and Local Activists.

", Duke University Provost Peter Lange responded, "I cannot tell you how disappointed, saddened and appalled I was to receive this letter from you.

At some point, that should be taken into consideration.). "[60] Two days later, Nifong dropped the most serious rape charges against the players. The dancer, Kim Roberts, called the police because she did not know where Mangum lived. Another signatory, Thavolia Glymph, said she was disappointed because "since the DNA results were returned Monday, we [have been] moving backwards.

[40], An outpouring of support came at the beginning of the 2007 lacrosse season. Washington Post columnist Mike Wise wrote "[I]t's hard to embrace everyone as a victim. Before they demonstrate that they don’t just write books, pay lip service, or boast of safe citizenship … but actually do step up morally, intellectually, and bravely to assume responsibilities of leadership for such citizenship. It can be played indoors and outdoors while the players are protected with special equipment. But the Duke lacrosse case, as it came to be known, wasn’t so simple. As the book's subtitle would have it, this is a story of how lucrative and well-connected sports programs "corrupt" universities like Duke. The Duke lacrosse case, after all, was remarkable for, among other things, its enormous complexity. In three departments, more than half of faculty signed the statement.

[55], A poster that "looked like a wanted poster" was distributed on campus and in nearby neighborhoods shortly after the allegations surfaced in March 2006 showing pictures and names of 40 members of the lacrosse team, urging them to "come forward" with information on the alleged rape.[56]. But the impression left by "The Price of Silence" is that the true drivers of the scandal were an overzealous Durham police officer, Mark Gottlieb, and, above all, the misconduct of Durham's district attorney, Mike Nifong. In other words, the charges being made simply had to be true; there was to be no dissent. Previous article by William L. Anderson: The Duke 'Rape' Scandal, Duke Lacrosse: A 'Meaning' in Search of a Scandal, Serge Lang: The Memorial HIV/AIDS Archive, White House Blasts Disgraced NIAID Director Anthony Fauci for Pro-Biden Comments.

Yet, there is also a secondary scandal, that being the actions of a number of Duke faculty members and the black leaders of Durham, North Carolina, and the NAACP. In March 2006, two strippers were hired by members of the university's lacrosse team to perform at the private home of two team captains. [54] The players' lawyers stated that they used the blog as a resource throughout the case, and Seligmann made a point of thanking Johnson in his statement following the dismissal of charges. How many more people of color must fall victim to violent, white, male, athletic privilege before coaches who make Chevrolet and American Express commercials, athletic directors who engage in Miss Ophelia-styled “perfectly horrible” rhetoric, higher administrators who are salaried at least in part to keep us safe, and publicists who are supposed not to praise Caesar but to damn the unconscionable … how many? [66][67] According to Brodhead, the team's players then "wished to suspend competitive play until the DNA results come back.

Some of the most vocal participants in the controversy found that Nifong's version of events jibed perfectly with their views of the world, but without Nifong's version, backed by the authority of his office, they would have gained far less purchase. Mangum, it would emerge, had a history of mental disturbance and run-ins with the law. Their university went into PR mode and did everything it could to distance itself from them.

Eventually it would come out that, among other irregularities, Mangum identified the three men who were eventually indicted from tainted photo lineups, that Nifong refused to see evidence that at least two of the men had documented alibis for the time of the alleged attack and that he'd withheld potentially exculpatory evidence from the defense.

I'm not gonna let their fathers, with all of their money, buy, you know, big-time lawyers and get them off. . On the contrary, the coach of the Duke Women's Lacrosse team has expressed her sense of camaraderie that exists between the men's and women's team; members of the men's team, for example, consistently come to the women's games. In their rush to judgment, doctrinaire Duke faculty members who pounced on the accusation as "proof "of the racism and misogyny purportedly rampant at Duke ruined any opportunity to discuss those issues constructively, as opposed to merely grandstanding. Cohan's "Coach K" preamble is meant to underline something that Brodhead learned during his first days in office: That at Duke, the tail of athletics wagged the dog of the university itself. Sharpton continued that the case parallels "Abner Louima, who was raped and sodomized in a bathroom."

Thus, the American university was the citadel of support for communist regimes that were murdering people by the millions because those academics believed somehow that if communist authorities murdered, imprisoned, and tortured enough people, that communism would suddenly bloom into full flower.
[68] The committees have been criticized by some observers, including KC Johnson, former student president Elliott Wolf (offered a seat in the Campus Culture Initiative),[69] and the Chronicle, since it was chaired by several Group of 88 members such as Anne Allison, Karla FC Halloway, and lacrosse critics Prasad Kasibhatla and Peter Wood. It isn't a disciplinary measure. "[1] Another, Susan Estrich, said "I teach criminal law. A day that, not even in a clichéd sense, will, indeed, always live in infamy for this university. Who knows how many other witnesses will assert that they have now “forgotten.".

I suspect that many, if not all, of the signers of the advertisement say they are against the war in Iraq and are abhorred by the allegations of torture committed by U.S. interrogators to gain information from captured "insurgents."

On June 9, 2006, after hearing reporting on various defense motions, which the CNN reporter indicated might already prove reasonable doubt, Grace sarcastically asked, "Well I'm glad you have already decided the outcome of the case, based on all of the defense filings.


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