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Canadian companies registered with the Ontario Aboriginal Business Directory or the Canada Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business. What you'll find here is contact information, including the location, mailing address, phone and fax numbers, and email address for the Department and they can provide you with the information on how to do a company search. Results are free and include general information, officers, and trade names. This is the number that goes on the corporate tax return.

If a federal company operates in a province under a name other than its own, it should register that name in the Canadian jurisdiction. The date of incorporation, date of amalgamation or date of continuance will be shown on the record. A Nuans name search report provides a list of existing corporate names, business names and trademarks that are similar to the one being proposed.

Manitoba doesn't provide a corporations database online for free, but they do have a pay service and information here on how to do a search by mail or in person.

Search for a federal corporation to find out if your annual return is due, if you're not sure. A federal corporate search will provide a list of all of the articles filed on behalf of the company. Sanjeev Joshi, Search by business number, reference number, or search corporate names by keyword. Canada Business Corporations Regulations, 2001 (SOR/2001-512) Minister Designation Order (Canada Business Corporations Act) (C.R.C., c. 427) Repealed regulations made under this Act Find businesses within Canada by name, business number or registry ID (beta).

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A Corporate profile report provides all current public record information for a Corporation. As well, the federal corporate search will let you know the time period in which each name was used.

The personal addresses or the addresses for service will not be shown. Frequently there will be a range from a minimum of 1 to a maximum number, usually 10. Search by registration number, business name, type, status, or registration date.

Ontario doesn't provide a free online corporation registry, but you may use this fee-based oncorp direct service to search for company names, order business name and limited partnership reports, obtain a Certificate of Status, or register or renew a business name. If you choose the fee-based Companies Office service you may search or reserve a name, find the status of the company, find previous company names, and determine the agent or attorney for service. The Quickest, Easiest and Affordable Way to Incorporate, Register, Create, Start, Establish or Form any type of company in Canada. Search Tips, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Every federal company is assigned a federal corporation number and this number will be shown on the federal corporate search. A list of companies that import goods into Canada, sorted by product, city or country of origin.

Detailed reports require a small fee that may be paid by credit card. Search website. You have the option of setting up a deposit account or use a credit card to pay for your searches. It is therefore important to check your corporate record upon occasion to be sure all of these filings are up-to-date. Jobs; ... From Corporations Canada. You can find corporations created under … The corporate record provides you with the anniversary date and the time period in which the annual filing must be done. General Partnerships, How to Contact Us | FAQ's | Info & Guidance On. Basic results include the company name, status, number, type, and registration date. corrections, offender, and fugitive records. The advantages and implications of incorporating, including at the federal level. Results include community, region, type of business, business name, registration date, address, phone number, email address, the name of the resident manager, number of employees, goods, and services.


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