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As I pondered this further (hey, it was that or listen to the Chipmunks squealing, “Bad Romance”), I think I had a Eureka moment.
He asked them to remind him how to say good morning – though it was the afternoon – and he was desperate to find out how to say, “please.”  If only he were always so eager at home….

Ged a chithear susbaint na làraich leis an t-sealladair lìn a th' agaibh, tha sinn a' moladh an dreach as ùire den bhathar-bhog ur sealladair a thoirt a-nuas, no ur duilleagan-stoidhle a chur air ma ghabhas sin dèanamh.
In the meantime, we’re going back through our Gaelic Nursery Language Links books – written for parents of children in Gaelic nurseries but who have no Gaelic themselves( – and revise some of the phrases he might be hearing. [an error occurred while processing this directive]. SUBSCRIBE. Chan eil uallach air a' BhBC airson na th' air làraich-lìn eile.

As for me, so far I’ve chickened out of using the little Gaelic I know.

They may also provide a record and evidence of work covered Whilst the children sleeping is always a magical moment, it’s not one I feel I can take real advantage of when I’m in the car. It seems like only yesterday my oldest child was just a babe in arms, and yet this month I have to register him for school. I don’t know where the time goes. If you’ve never come across it before it’s a 3-18 establishment where the children are immersed in Gaelic. Although I should probably have been giving more thought to my driving given the increasingly treacherous conditions, I was instead thinking of my son’s new Gaelic words – boo-yuh and doo. He was very proud that he can now tell me two colours – dubh (doo) for black, and buidhe (booyuh) for yellow. Create a free website or blog at

Tags: Gaelic Websites, Language, learning, phonetics, Scottish Gaelic, This week was my son’s first week at his Gaelic nursery and, so far, he loves it. The Celtic Thunder At Home Series SEASON 3 will run from Tuesday September 22nd to Saturday September 26th – LIVE on Stageit, with …

This website is primarily aimed at Gaelic learners in Secondaries 1 and 2 although some content is also appropriate for younger language learners.

Answers on a postcard (or as a comment if you prefer) please!

Stuck driving through a lovely Scottish blizzard, I started running through all the different Gaelic phrases I’ve already managed to pick up. A group of people I know very strongly said that we should not send our son there. However, the more I read the more I liked. I suppose only time will tell if this is the right decision for us, but for just now we’re going to dive right in and enjoy the ride. He has friends, he knows the routines and he’s got the support he needs in place there. Good luck to any other Gaelic learners out there, and remember, if you work out how to think it properly then let me know. I’d heard about the Gaelic school before in passing but had never really looked into it. I held mini conversations in my head in which my Gaelic was perfect and where I was even able to hold my own with my son’s new Gaelic teachers (obviously a dream then.) I’m also going to add the Gaelic numbers (and pronunciation)to his number chart in our playroom. Scottish Gaelic; Hebrew; Hindi; Hungarian; High Valyrian; Hawaiian; Indonesian; Korean; Latin; Norwegian (Bokmål) Navajo; Polish; Romanian; Russian; Swedish; Swahili; Klingon; Turkish; Ukrainian; Vietnamese; Chinese; The best new way to learn a language. This is the “Question of the Week” on the Gaelic 2012 board on and, although my very first Question, one that I felt I could answer. Why wouldn’t everyone? that the Gaelic school was considered a good school with good results.

Already, from the first couple of units on my Gaelic CD course I could understand the question and knew basically how to answer, so it should be straight forward, yes?

Registered in Northern Ireland, No. They just raise their eyebrows and label us “mad.”. This website is primarily aimed at Gaelic learners in Secondaries 1 and 2 although some content is also appropriate for younger language learners.


“Is mise…”  (Is misha….)

Nuair a tha e air, thèid facal sam bith do bheil eadar-theangachadh againn nar faclair lìn a chomharrachadh.

I studied French right through to first year at University, and I picked up Italian when I was there, too. Faigh taic leis an duilleig-lìn a tha thu a' leughadh bho phutan BBC Vocab. However, with Gaelic, if I’m reading it in a book or online I seek out the text with the pronunciation beside it, ignore the Gaelic and jump straight to the sounds.

But now I’m finding the answer is somewhat different. Whatever stage you are at, and whatever age you are, all the help you need is just a click away. Until mid way through primary 3 they are taught exclusively in Gaelic, and even after that it is the first language of the classroom.

If I’m honest, for that reason alone it’s a bit of a favourite of mine).

It definitely made us go right back to the start and go through all of our options and research again. Tags: education, Gaelic Websites, Glasgow, nursery, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Scottish Gaelic. Join Colin and his not-so-faithful dog Cumberland for irreverent Gaelic learning games for beginners. Five Minutes with…. Surely they just go to their local school? REGISTER ON THE CELTIC THUNDER WEBSITE.

The Air Splaoid! They’ve looked at the option themselves but don’t feel confident taking the plunge, so are interested in the reasons we think it’s the best option for our family. So how do I get around this?

I’ve also applied for the distance learning course – An Cùrsa Inntrigidh – from the Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on Skye, and signed up with to keep in touch with other people who have made the resolution that this year is the year that they will learn Gaelic. Having grown up being told that my ancestors are from the Isle of Skye I’ve always been interested in that area.

Home page of Dublin GAA, the official website of the Dublin County Board covering all topics on Gaelic Football and Hurling, including fixtures, results, news, clubs, teams, tickets, partners, and more. Together we can practise counting to ten at least. This section provides resources and support material for classroom use.


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