holy week monday reflection

Were the whole realm of nature mine,that were an offering far too small;love so amazing, so divine,demands my soul, my life, my all. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. A reflection for the Monday of Holy Week.

God calls us to share His mission in the world He has created. During Lent we have been on the path to Repentance. Money was involved but it runs deeper. It would be useful to have a crucifix in front of you.

Holy Week Reflection – Monday Monday 6th April 2020 / By Team Media A reflection on Jesus’ betrayal by Judas from The Venerable Patrick Evans. The traders were profiteering, they knew that offerings had to be unblemished; walking miles to the temple with animals would inevitably lead to bruising and other minor injuries, rendering them imperfect – unfit to offer to God.

Who are the individuals /groups we demonise and push to the margins?

Today, as we enter into Holy Week, let us pay careful attention on how Jesus Christ emptied himself to demonstrate God’s love for us. At the moment of His death, it seems that His Father has abandoned Him. Amen.

Such love leaves no room for selfishness. This "Very Worst Day" will fall on the day that Christ will be in agony in the garden, handed over to death, and killed on the cross. As we reflected yesterday, to be betrayed by someone close to us is quite devastating! It often begins with gratitude.

The Green Church. And life has a high price. My best love for my family still needs to be baptized in the death and resurrection of Christ.

In the house where the Passover was being celebrated by Jesus and the apostles, there was no such servant, and the apostles were so busy arguing about which of them was ‘the greatest’, that not one of them would have stooped to do this menial task! What about our brothers and sisters in developing nations, those living in shanty towns and multi-occupancy homes where disease spreads quickly? Sometimes we are the weary ones who need a refreshing and encouraging word to uplift us, but often we are the ones who are called to be God’s mouthpiece to others. Please acknowledge the authors when copying and distributing. When we are depleted, exhausted, and at the end of our ropes in life, we can recall the journey to Calvary that demonstrated Jesus’ manifestation of human weakness. Account Number 421 454 040. Popular Tags. ... that place in which we would normally gather for Holy Week reflection. Like Judas we often we want Jesus on our own terms, We claim to  follow him but then arrange things so that he might follow us or at least keep out of our life.

Today we realise that you are always with us, even in our suffering, darkness and pain. Did He feel completely alone, knowing that even His apostles would not fully grasp the value of His death until much later? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. How can I pray this prayer over my children in the midst of their childlike innocence and joy? Standard Bank Fourways Crossing, We ask God, “Mercifully grant that we, walking in the way of the cross, may find it none other than the way of life and peace.” I suppose each family is that little church where we help, encourage, and pray for one another to find that the way of the cross is truly the only way of life and peace. In recent months, I’ve also drawn on the beautiful collects in the Daily Office to intercede for my family. Always we are to accompany those who feel forsaken, used, and forgotten. But Judas was not an outsider, he was of the twelve, trusted to look after the common purse. Monday of Holy Week | Gospel Reflection. He ordained our lives for a specific purpose. Interestingly this is not the way Jesus dealt with Judas.

Amen. What does it mean to be a champion? When you solemnly gave up chocolate on Ash Wednesday, did you think you’d be spending Palm Sunday palm-less, church-less, having fasted for weeks from some of the most central parts of your life? We sing the hymn ‘Were you there when they crucified my Lord?’ but we need to ask ourselves, ‘Where will I be?’.

As we enter into Holy Week, we are at the beginning of a week of pain and suffering for Jesus.

Yet Jesus reminds us as we approach the holiest of weeks that we must remain in Him. I once received a Christmas card from my godfather that had a photograph of Jesus on the Cross.

May our death, too – both literally and mystically – bear the fruit that remains long after we have passed into our eternal reward. Many of us are missing familiar people, things and gathering places. The light of Jesus offers all of us a Renewal in our lives.

The events of the next few days is a call to faithfulness for each of us, the followers of Jesus. We’ve made it to Holy Week. Every tear we shed as a gift for Jesus, every heartache and betrayal brought to Him with the intention of uniting all to His Sacred Wounds, draws us away from our own pain and into the compassion of loving Jesus for His own sake.

Branch Code: 009953; It is not possible for us to attend the Mass of the Lord’s Supper tomorrow, to pray at the Altar of Repose, to Venerate the Cross on Good Friday afternoon and to experience the power of the Church’s Sacred Liturgy at the Easter Vigil.

I choked on the words. The appointed gospel is John 12:1-11. We wait for death, but ultimately we wait for what comes after death, which is new life.

When I survey the wondrous cross,on which the Prince of Glory died,my richest gain I count but loss,and pour contempt on all my pride.

If anyone was able to ‘stand on his dignity’ it was Jesus, Lord of all, and yet He lovingly washed the feet of His disciples. Whatever it was, his actions had consequences even he could not have imagined. To remind you of Judas Iscariot and his part in the events of Holy Week. “Jesus said to those Jews who believed in him, ‘If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’” (John 8:31-32). We are told the soldiers guarding the tomb were petrified but the angels explained to the women that Jesus had risen just as He had promised He would. Judas dips his bread into the dish with Jesus while they eat supper. Judas thought Mary’s anointing was wasteful, preventing the costly nard from benefitting the poor.

God led me here to see his truth anew. He is our strength and song. It is not without significance that it was here, at what we now refer to as the Last Supper, that Jesus instituted the Sacraments of Eucharist and Holy Orders. Bible Study: Isaiah 42:1-7, Psalm 27 and John 12:1-11). See from his head, his hands, his feet,sorrow and love flow mingled down;did e’er such love and sorrow meet,or thorns compose so rich a crown?


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