la tomatina rules

And although it may seem like a chaotic free-for-all, there are rules to participating. Spain’s residents LOVE eating tomatoes and it’s estimated that each person eats around 17 kilos of them annually! Tomatoes are eaten every day in Spain, and they’re prepared in many different ways including crushed, fresh, simmered in a sauce, or stewed. If you like to party & travel, then you’ll love our adventures. My face can attest to the fact that not everyone did this. The festivities begin at 10 AM at the sound of a rocket being fired, ending one hour later. Although the Tomatina is a funny war, it is necessary to respect the rules of the battle. To acquire your tickets to La Tomatina, purchase from the official La Tomatina website. The almost palatial (and certainly very stunning) “Hotel Las Areas Balneario Resort” (4.5 star) located in central Valencia will cost you under 1300 Euros for 6 nights over the week of La Tomatina.
La Tomatina a été célébrée pour la première fois en août 1945. Valencia actually provides great value for money in terms of the quality of hotels for the price relative to what you would acquire in other European cities. If you want to access, keep walking. Combine your love of travel and a good party and enjoy the ultimate party holiday on our incredible festival and party tours through Europe, Australia and Asia. But if you want to have a fun Tomato Fight, you must respect the Rules of La Tomatina: You will always have fun at La Tomatina Festival, but if you want to have an indelible memory, you have to take the following tips into account: If you come with an underaged please keep in mind the following tips: We are a young and dynamic company from Buñol which have seventeen years’ experience making people happy by offering official tours to La Tomatina of Buñol. La Tomatina takes place each year on the last Wednesday in August with official festivities beginning at 10 am.

credit: History. Finding accommodation for La Tomatina is easier said than done. Two firecrackers signal the beginning and end of the war. Worked up by a frenzied crowd who dance and sing, participants scramble up a slippery pole in order to knock off the ham suspended at the top. The person who climbs to the top and gets the ham…wins the ham! Rules for the celebration of the La Tomatina festival clearly mentioned and those rules are followed by the visitors.
It lasts for an hour, whereupon a signal ends the event. Keep a safe distance of the lorries. La Tomatina is began in the year of 1945 When some young guys are attending the giant figure parade in the town. It would also be advisable to use protective goggle (like diving goggles) and gloves. The celebration still continues: taking place in the city centre of Buñol on the last Wednesday in August. It is forbidden to enter the enclosure with bottles or strong objects. The “Casual Hostal Valencia” (4.3 stars) will cost just under 262 Euros for 6 nights over the week La Tomatina is held. You cannot throw anything that is not tomatoes and … At this point you have what looks more like a mass murder than a mass food fight: the streets of the plaza run red with tomato juice. And last but not least, enjoy to the max. It’s now that the fire trucks serve their dual purpose and are put to use to clean up the pulpy mess.

If you would like more information on how call our consultants could help your business, contact us today. Officially speaking, the annual La Tomatina Festival, which happens on the last Wednesday in August at the Plaza Del Pueblo in Buñol, Spain, is a celebration of the town’s patron saint, San Lius Bertrán, and the Virgin Mary. There are five very simple, common sense rules that must be obeyed to ensure all participants stay safe. Your eyes can be sore because of the tomato acid. This page will introduce you to La Tomatina, Spain’s world famous tomato-throwing festival. It is a pleasure to release adrenaline throwing tomatoes in all directions during an hour.

If you are not from Buñol and you want to stay overnight, do not forget to look for accommodation in advance.


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