lisa and the devil review

While this movie can be somewhat lethargic to sit thru it has its sense of charm as well. The main focus is horror, but you can also find fantasy and science fiction on BHG. Lisa and the Devil might be a confusing watch but for those who love a good surreal ambiguous story, with great shots and camerawork, a gothic setting, creepy dolls and an imaginative atmosphere that reflect the typical seventies horror films, than this is just the movie for you. Made in 1974, the film tells the story of Lisa (Elke Sommer) an American tourist in a small Spanish village who gets seperated from her tour group. Lisa and the Devil is directed and written by Mario Bava and cowritten by Alfredo Leone. It’s pretty representative though of this style of filmmaking, so I wasn’t surprised. Film Reviews, Lisa is a tourist in an ancient city. Overview - Regarded as Mario Bava's most personal and unconventional film, Lisa and the Devil (Lisa e il diavolo) is a diabolical thriller flavored with the dreadful imagery and tormenting logic of an endless nightmare.
It never becomes clear why there are mannequins, what for and how they came to be. Read more, Sponsored Video: Taken meets Die Hard in Stolen, Your email address will not be published.

Most interestingly of all is that Arrow have included the re-cut and re-edited version of the film which was made for the US, titled The House of Exorcism – to cash in on the popularity of The Exorcist at the time of its original release. Whilst lost, she encounters the strange and slightly scary Leandro (TV’s Kojak, Telly Savalas) who seemingly resembles a fresco of the Devil that she saw on an ancient church wall. When she gets lost, she finds an old mansion in which to shelter. Review Date December 6th, 2012 by M. Enois Duarte. The Countess and her son Max are the strangest creatures, but not as half as strange as Leandro and his life-sized mannequins, that can be brought to life, or can they? As I researched the title a bit I discovered it was originally released under the title “House of Exorcism”. My take was that as Leandro is this form of devil, he also has a certain playful nature that includes the dysfunction and death of the people around him. It’s a story without an explicit explanation, but it’s highly visceral in nature, causing an uneasy feeling of discomfort. Lisa and the Devil comes full of extras including an audio commentary by Bava biographer and expert Tim Lucas. This wax figure reappears several times in the beginning as Leandro continues to carry it around like a lost puppy dog. This seems to indicate that the mansion might be purgatory and its inhabitants are trapped ghosts. Another brilliant Mario Bava Blu-Ray shot straight from Arrow Video to you. Playing out as a warped family drama, the film is steeped in eroticism as well as horror.
“Lisa and the Devil” seems to progressively move into a nightmare-like 3rd act which is not clear at times. That night Lisa is caught in weird and sinister events, that seem all too familiar but which she can’t explain. Sometimes a real man, sometimes a mannequin coming to life and sometimes the dead resembling these creepy lifelike dolls. Illustrated Story Legend of Halloween Coming from Further Front Publishing, TRICK ‘R TREAT Director Michael Dougherty Hosts Special Watchalong, Tomorrow Oct 30, THE CALL – AVAILABLE on PREMIUM VOD and DIGITAL OCT. 30, Film Review: The Coed and the Zombie Stoner (2014), Film Review: Sell Your Body (short film) (2017), Book Review: Exitors | Author M. Seamus Reed, Book Review: The Whisper Killer | Author Rod Little, Book Review: Unspeakable – A New Breed of Terror – Edited by Theresa Dillon, Book Review: Ghostbusters: Artbook | Insight Editions, Top Ten Horror Movie Villains of All Time, Top Horror Movies that Go to Hell (Hell in Film Depictions), Interview: Edward Gusts – Filmmaker (Stained), Interview: Kate Dickie (The Complex: Lockdown), Interview: Michael Gross (Tremors: Shrieker Island), Exclusive Interview: Director, Paul Tanter (The Nights Before Christmas), Exclusive Interview: Bruce Wemple (Lake Artifact / Altered Hours), Podcast: The Golden Age of Horror – Eps 1, Horror News Confidential w/ American Horrors’ Hart Fisher, June 5th at 9pm EST, Michael Gross (Tremors) & Stephen Erkintalo (Haunted Tours) – HNN Podcast, Podcast: Evolution of The Apocalypse – Eps 70, 71, 72, The 5th Annual Women in Horror and Film Conversation Celebration Lineup on Horror Happens Radio Starts Tuesday January 30th, Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network 2018 Schedule, AGAINST THE GRAVE reveal artwork for upcoming new single “Bleeding You”, Event Review: PARANORMAL Social Distancing INVESTIGATION at the SELMA MANSION, NIGHT RANGER Enter RECORDING STUDIO NEW ALBUM Planned for release 2021, Lisa and the Devil is available on DVD from CheezyFlicks, A Very Special and Scary Starsky & Hutch Halloween Episode, Top 10 tips to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, Top Ten Horror Indie Films For Halloween / Fall Season 2020. Edited by: Carlo Reali. I really like creepy dolls, and these are just the creepiest you’ll ever see in a seventies movie. The part of these dolls and Leandro are as inexplicable as terrifyingly eerie. There she encounters a strange man who eerily resembles the devil in the painting. It’s elusive and strange and the story reels you in with its hypnotic tone, music and images. Lisa and the Devil has been noted as being one of director Mario Bava’s favorite, though it is strangely fragmented at times and unclear. 11/28/2017 This film is focused purely on the dreamlike visuals, creating a surreal and visceral atmosphere. But it all seems to lead back to the mural painting.


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