new hybrid cars 2020 uk
The Niro PHEV may not be the most fun to drive, but what really matters are the fuel economy and emissions; for a car of this type, both are very respectable. With technology moving on at pace, what was once a strange concept is now a must-have for a large proportion of buyers and the best hybrid cars are very much in the mainstream. While the Ioniq has a healthy EV range, achieving that headline-grabbing 256.8mpg economy figure will be tough. Instead, Audi calls them TFSIe – and there are several headed to market throughout 2020. When people think of hybrid cars, the ubiquitous Toyota Prius often comes to mind, and rightly so, it’s the most popular hybrid car of all time.

A continuously variable transmission (CVT) takes the place of a traditional automatic gearbox, and this helps to make the most of the drivetrain’s power. All are electrified hybrid options that’ll get you into the sub-50g/km CO2 money-saving BIK club, although, depending on their officially certified electric-only range, some currently qualify for a tax liability at 6% of their P11D price, some at 10% and others at 12%. Electrified cars are becoming an increasingly common sight on our roads thanks to political and environmental pressures, not to mention the public’s desire to save money on fuel, and hybrids especially are leading the charge. Full hybrid cars are fuelled solely by petrol, with electricity generated on-board under braking or when coasting. 930, Rapidcharge* Our tests go further than those carried out by other organisations, and because Which? plenty of tech like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. If you’re looking for an extremely well-made luxury hybrid SUV, this model is our highest scoring new hybrid overall.

This means that all electric cars need plugging in to the mains to charge them. 390 mph Hybrid cars are becoming an increasingly mainstream choice, and as such, there’s more choice on the market than ever. 920 mph

Speeds can vary depending on the model, but usually, this is around 15 MPH. BMW 530e. Admittedly, this isn't the quickest or the most exciting PHEV to drive by the segment’s latest standards but, in terms of breadth of appeal and understated Volkswagen-brand desirability, it has plenty to recommend it.

270, Rapidcharge If charge gets low, the engine will simply top it up. Words by: Comes with an industry leading 7 year warranty, Classic, high quality MINI design and feel, Dated model with a replacement not far away. The new 2020 Captur will feature a plug-in model utilising Renault’s E-Tech hybrid system - which should allow the French crossover to travel up to 28 miles on battery power alone. Some plug-in models we've tested have smaller fuel tanks to make room for the battery pack, which can limit overall driving range, particularly if you've not charged it up. As hybridisation spreads through more car makers’ ranges, it’s likely that choice will expand exponentially. 600, Rapidcharge 230 mph For example if you’re only driving around town then you may get more than 140mpg using electric power alone, but on motorway trips, your MPG will be low as it relies on fuel at top speeds. The infotainment system isn’t perfect either – it’s a bit fiddly until you get used to where everything is within the menus. The car will be plenty fast enough for most, however, and thanks to the decent dual-clutch automatic gearbox, it’s easy to make the most of what’s there. Well, the engines combine to make for a great city drive, but it’s not quite as comfy as a Toyota Prius. 590, Rapidcharge Not bad at all. Our range of hybrid cars. Electric range only just scrapes a WLTP-certified 30 miles, although that will depend on optional specification, so the car may well miss a 10% BIK banding if you opt for bigger wheels or a sportier trim. The choice is easier for company car users, however; the lower CO2 emissions of hybrids mean they qualify for much more palatable Benefit-in-Kind rates than most non-electrified models. Get the most for your car from our network of specialist dealers.

Citroen e-C4. 900 mph 930 mph Meaning you gain a little extra juice whenever you’re slowing down. Its batteries are charged by the 1.8 litre petrol engine or by the regenerative braking system. The car’s punchy internal combustion engine is ably assisted by the motor for the rest of the time, producing a good compromise between performance and efficiency on longer runs.
Between its turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine and twin electric drive motors, it produces 296bhp and 383lb ft, and can accelerate to 60mph from rest in less than 6.0sec.


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