numbuh 60, Numbuh 60's real name, Patton Drilovsky, is a reference to legendary US general.

More FanonFall: A FusionFall Fan Fiction Wiki. He laughed along with his friends as they watched the Toiletnator fall for the trick and enter into the cave. Numbuh 60 is seen to be one of the most loyal operatives on in the KND. to have a playful and mischievous side to him, pretending not to realize the Toiletnator's pathetic disguise and laughing when Numbuh 4 tricks the villain into walking in a cave full of lions. Afterward, Numbuh 60 was seen talking to another operative at the Moonbase about the matter, along with many other operatives. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? KND should go to Wreck It Ralph universe and threatened them to finish off or hurt Ralph since he is a adult and by the way Numbuh 60 looks good in the drawing. If his name is entered in the rainbow monkey site it will say Fugitive: highly dangerous, meaning he might betray the KND if he was to be decommissioned. AwesomeSauce2929. He is kind and doesn't hate Rainbow Monkeys as much as most boy… He has a short temper and can be easily angered, which is never a good idea to do. In Operation: E.N.D., it is stated that Numbuh 86 was in the same kindergarten class as Numbuh 1and possibly some of his teammates (As Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 2 have been best friends since kindergarten, it's highly likely tha… He has blue eyes and black hair that he wears in swooshing bangs over his forehead. He has black eyes and black, short hair with a small portion of it style upwards above his eyes: it has a military cut.

He keeps an orange backpack the majority of the time he is seen which transforms into a form of mobile transportation. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He wears an olive green beanie, a dull green jacket over a white shirt, brown pants tucked into black army boots, and orange gloves. Numbuh 60 made a cameo in Operation: I.T. He was later seen at the very end of the movie with the rest of the Kids Next Door Organization.

In The Grim Adventures of the KND, he was forced to dress as Mandy, along with everyone else.

Despite Numbuh 60's serious personality, he is shown in Operation: C.A.N.Y.O.N. Games Movies TV Video. He is easily angered and annoyed, as seen in Operation: T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G., when Tommy Gilligan started to brag about knowing the members of Sector V. He is respectful to his higher commanders such as Numbuh 362 and salutes and addresses her as "sir", just like all KND operatives. Later, at some point of the movie, he was turned into a Senior Citi-zombie and was then seen kicking down the door to the Moonbase while it was being attacked by Senior Citi-zombies and announced his arrival, coughed, and then wet his pants. Tired of Tommy's bragging, Numbuh 60 yelled, "Back in line, cadet!". Like all Kids Next Door Organization operatives, Numbuh 60 hates teenagers and adults, as he was seen rather angry and disapproving of the "treaty" between the KND and the Teen Ninjas throughout Operation: T.R.E.A.T.Y.. He was beside her at her right, along with Numbuh 12 at Numbuh 86's left, and then he was seen sitting next to Numbuh 362, crying along with every KND operative as Numbuh 9 was being "decommissioned". He does have a mischievous side under all the stern drill sergeant bravado, though this side is rarely seen. As a drill sergeant, Numbuh 60 is strict, stern, serious harsh, KND operative that talks in a loud voice when training his cadets, and he is easily angered and annoyed as seen in Operation: T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G. ", Numbuh 60 joins in the ensuing battle against the Teen Ninjas and was seen kicking one in the face with his foot near Numbuh 78. Matt Levin. In Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E., he was shown in a flashback as a younger child, wearing a dark-green shirt, orange backpack, black shoes, brown pants, and a brown cap that he wore backwards on his head. Drill Sergeant SupremeCommander of Kids Next Door Arctic Base, Operation: H.O.L.I.D.A.Y.Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E. He told them that being Kids Next Door operative is serious business and that they will undergo a simulation, much to Sonia's dismay. Numbuh 60 reporting to Numbuh 362 about the KND Ice Cream Storage Facility being destroyed. After his speech, he asked the three cadets if they had questions, to which Tommy raised his hand, and started bragging about knowing Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2 being his older brother, and having their autographs.

Cezary Kwiecinski.


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