william westmoreland quotes

Then General Anderson began to slow down.

Traveling in Germany as a youth, I was perplexed when college students would tip their beanie hats as they passed until at last I discerned that they mistook the scar on my cheek for a dueling scar. I have often reflected that General Abrams, who had worked so hard to make the South Vietnamese armed forces capable of defending their country, at least had been spared the agony of seeing the death of the Republic of Vietnam. Abrams was the bold, flamboyant charger who wanted to cut to the heart of the matter quickly and decisively, while Westmoreland was the more shrewdly calculating, prudent commander who chose the more conservative course. While he was apparently an influential member of his country's government, I was a field commander restricted to decisions and actions within the boundaries of South Vietnam, subject to the dictates of my country's government, and influential in policy matters only to the extent that Washington chose to act on my recommendations. William Childs Westmoreland was a United States Army General, most notably commander of United States forces during the Vietnam War from 1964 to 1968.

Yet that was not to be. In view of the increasing commitment of American troops in the mid- and late 1960s, General Giap would have been well advised to abandon the big-unit war, pull in his horns to take away the visible threat to South Vietnam's survival, and thereby delude the Americans that they had already achieved their goal of making the South Vietnamese self-sufficient. That night at 11:00 he got a call from Westmoreland, who said he wanted to address the detail the next morning. When she had difficulty deciphering the mixture of languages and getting to the point, one or another of the ladies would take her aside and explain. By that time it was apparent he was stalling. Although President Nixon later ordered B-52 runs on North Viet Nam, this move was not so much to win the war, but to induce the enemy to sit at the negotiation table. They are always available to support Vietnam veterans and have attended hundreds of functions across America demonstrating their patriotism. We were winning. West Point's ice hockey coach learned about that one time when his daughter Mary Beth said to Westmoreland, "When I grow up I'm going to come to West Point. While in Sicily, I re-established an earlier acquaintance with a dynamic young colonel commanding one of the 82d Airborne's parachute infantry regiments, James M. Gavin, who later commanded the division. On the Roer River in Germany, just as I got out of my Jeep and entered a company command post, a mortar shell struck my vehicle.


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